San Marcos Tlapazola, murals for the 43, and the Tlacolulokos

(Wednesday, July 22)  Today we traveled to San Marcos Tlapazola to visit the home of Marta and her family.  Marta’s maternal lineage is composed of accomplished potters, and she and her daughters continue the tradition today. She opened her home to us and demonstrated her ceramic skills. Contrasting the peaceful craftsmanship of Marta and her family is the story of the Iguala mass killings of 2014. … Continue reading San Marcos Tlapazola, murals for the 43, and the Tlacolulokos


(Tuesday, July 21)  I know that I overuse the word magical in general, but my dropping of the m-bomb has skyrocketed since I’ve been in Oaxaca.  Perhaps today takes the cake.  We traveled to San Agustin Elta to see the Centro de las Artes San Agustin (el CASA) and the hand-made art paper workshop it hosts.  Francisco Toledo founded El CASA in a renovated textile factory and the … Continue reading El CASA

La playa

(Friday, July 17 – Saturday, July 18)  What’s the best way to get to the beach?  On a 8 seater two engine, por claro!  Captain Juan Carlos flew us over the cradle of the West – the fertile crescent of the Americas – over mountains and through clouds to Puerto Escondido, a jewel of the Pacific coast.  I traveled with 5 NEHers to Playa Zicatella; the … Continue reading La playa

Nexico, Sierra Norte Zapoteca

(Wednesday, July 15) We traveled up the mountains to Nexicho (in the Sierra Norte Zapoteca) to visit a community museum and view archaeological remains with two very suave Dutch professors.  Dr. Michel Oudijk led a archaeological walk around the various ruins of Nexicho. I crawled into a tomb and my right foot was attacked by fire ants (correlation or causation?). Dr. Bas von Doesburg lectured on the Nexicho … Continue reading Nexico, Sierra Norte Zapoteca

Books and Mole. Doesn’t Get Much Better

(Tuesday, July 14) Oh, today we just spent the morning wearing SVU gloves and leafing through several hundred year old books, maps, and manuscripts at the Burgoa Library. Our next stop was the Oaxacan Cultural History museum, which has simply too many rooms to view in one day.  Here are a couple of pics from various rooms, including art, jewelry, and treasures from tomb 7 of … Continue reading Books and Mole. Doesn’t Get Much Better